The BDA, parallel to the standing instruction of the late Chairman Sheikh Salamat Hashim, which the present leadership of the MILF and the BDA still hold on, is “to help (develop) the neediest community-members of the CAAs” and make them the priority targets for services and assistance. 
The partner groups of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) are the locally organized groups in the conflict-affected areas of Mindanao especially those that has been displaced. The Agency adopts the policy of inclusiveness. This means that it will serve the all kinds of people in its area of jurisdiction regardless of religious or ethnic affiliation, faction or gender and status in life or economic or educational standing. 
Based on the World Bank’s Joint Needs Assessment (2005) in conflict-affected areas, internally displaced persons (IDPs) both inside and outside the evacuation centers at the different regions are:
a) ARMM                                                                    227,688
b) Region 12 (Central Mindanao)                           142,002
c) Region 11 (Davao Region)                                        636
d) Region 10 (Northern Mindanao)                          28,782
e) Region 9 (Zamboanga Peninsula)                        7,790 
f) Other Cities in Mindanao                                         4,106
These IDPs are still unable to return to their place of origin. Many of them, if not all lost their houses, farm-animals and or source of living have formed small organized groups. As such, the BDA in partnership with other development institutions has to facilitate the safe return of these internally displaced persons (IDPs) and assist them by providing appropriate, integrated and comprehensive training and livelihood programs, necessary infrastructure and the delivery quality social services. Initially, the stakeholders of this plan would focus only to about 25% or 102,751 of the people within the conflict affected areas.
Based on the result of the recent BDA Strategic Planning Workshop, the identified strategic development actions are described in the next pages. As mentioned earlier, the entire programme can best be entitled Management Strategic Actions for Growth in Quality Equitable Life for Bangsamoro” or MASAGIQUEL” Bangsamoro. In Maguindanao, the term promotes the concept of MASAGEKEL meaning “DETERMINATION”. This is the present situation and feelings of the Bangsamoro Development Agency as they venture into development and peace, which is anchored on the Islamic principles and values based on the Holy Qur’an.
*      Socio-economic Improvement and Development Strategy
*      Health Improvement and Development Strategy
*      Environmental Advocacy and Management Strategy
*      Capacity Building and Strengthening Strategy
Programme Strategy 1.    Socio-Economic Improvement and                                                     Development Strategy
Armed conflict and displacement have clearly increased the threats to human security specifically, the survival and well-being of the already highly disadvantaged population in the conflict-affected areas (CAAs). Even worst, are the less accessible areas and communities that can only be reached by small boats (bancas) and by foot.
The participation in school has also reduced because the school stopped its activities. Many of their buildings are serving as evacuation centers and others were destroyed or badly damaged by the fighting restricting the students to resume the badly needed schooling.
In many areas in Mindanao, the once robust agricultural economy, has contributed to the worsening socio-economic situation because the agriculture sector cannot produce the needed food supply in the war torn areas. The long years of conflict have been a major disincentive for investors to locate their operations. The farmers cannot improve their productivity because of uncertainty over whether they will be able to gain from the animals and harvest their crops. On the other hand, the government neglected to provide the needed support in production thus the combined destruction and damage brought by the conflict threatened the entire food security of the people in the CAAs.
The above-stated situations are just some of the socio-economic concerns that need to be address by the BDA and other stakeholders in CAAs. Specifically, the BDA would like to do the following:
Resettlement and Relief Assistance Provision. This sub-strategy involves the conduct of relief assistance from the provision of housing support to acquisition of farm implements. The BDA commits to improve household productivity especially the Internally Displaced Families. While funds and facilities are necessary for this emergency intervention, it will link with GO/NGO/LGU to hasten the process of relief provision. At present, BDA has also trained development catalysts (DevCats), Barangay volunteers and people organizations (POs). It is expected that the assistance will be secured from donors and funding institutions directly to the people in communities through the assistance of the BDA. It can be sustained through network and empowered communities.

In addition, this sub-strategy would like to organize different response mechanism—a response team in every Barangay in the CAAs to manage the relief and assistance activities. So far, BDA has already provided relief assistance such as food, medical supplies, cooking materials and clothing. More response team will be organized and strengthen the existing groups so that these groups can operate with efficiency and effectiveness during times of disaster. 
Education and Job generation – At present, the BDA has the capacity to facilitate scholarship program, conduct capacity skills training program, duplicate TESDA program, facilitate upgrading of Bangsamoro education conduct literacy program and improve access to job opportunities in order to fulfill its desire to fulfill the improvement of socio-economic of the Bangsamoro people. Funds and facilities are being sourced out still to be sourced out but it already has organized Development Catalyst in Central and Regional offices as work force to do the task of providing basic training in the CAAs.

It is expected that if this sub-strategy ill be realized, there will be an observable improvement in the educational preparation among the Bangasamoro people. Likewise, it is expected that the educational preparation will significantly promote peace and development through reduction of criminality, better health conditions, and increased livelihood program which can generate more jobs.
Micro Enterprise Establishment – BDA has modestly gained capacity to train people to engage in micro and small scale micro enterprises that can hire at least two to three other persons. Locally organized groups will be train in IGP management and acquired awareness on accessing capital to establish the businesses sector. Different income generating projects such as animal raising, fruit vending, cooked food vending, cloth selling, consumer store and others, will be provided capital through the revolving fund that will be operated by the programme in different regions.
Alternative Agri-based Livelihood Establishment – This sub-strategy recognizes that in most of the CAAs, the livelihood activities are not well established. The sources of income is irregular hence, some parts of the well being are affected especially the people in the remote communities. This sub-strategy will provide training on different livelihood opportunities and facilitates the provision of support fund as initial capital. This will create employment and improves the availability of the needed farm inputs that would increase farm productivity. To do this, experts from TESDA, DA, DOST and other institutions will be tapped to provide the skills and technical preparations. Other than that, BDA would like to establish linkages to financing agency, training institution and Non-government organization to trained partners at the community level for sustainability of their livelihood endeavors. It is expected that to a large extent this sub-strategy will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the CAAs.
Programme Strategy 2. Health Improvement and Development                   Strategy
Food insecurity, limited access to potable water and proper sanitation, and the high prevalence of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis (throughout the CAAs) were causes of concern for the resource-poor health care system in the Bangsamoro communities. The damage and displacement caused by the war and the crowded, unsanitary conditions in the evacuation centers exacerbated this situation. Even in communities that are infrastructurally developed, unhealthy conditions of the environment have always resulted to unwanted effects on the difficult socio-economic conditions of the CAAs. 
Thus, with above situation the BDA decided to prioritize health improvement program for the Bangsamoro communities. The specific sub-strategies for the program are as follow:
Health Services Improvement – This includes a strong linkage building and networking with health organizations locally and abroad to increase medical & health facilities.   The purpose is to improve the state of physical well-being of people in the CAAs particularly the reduction of morbidity/ mortality rate & increased awareness on good health practices. There are four (4) Medical Doctors, two (2) Registered Nurses, one (1) Medical Technologist and significant numbers of health “on-call” volunteers. BDA needs to establish strong collaboration and advocacy campaign to ensure that health services are provided. But the sustainability of the services will depend on the capability of the BDA. Services such as Botica sa Barangay, rural clinics, immunization, growth monitoring and other health-related services will be provided. The major activities of this sub-strategy are trainings of health volunteers, provision of medicines and referrals needed in the community. Through these, it is expected that the awareness on good health practices will increase, maternal and child care are improved, morbidity and mortality rate will be reduced and health will be better for employment.
Preventive Medicine – This sub-strategy will improve health care management and increase access to potable water that will also improve health condition as indicated by reduced morbidity & mortality rate. This would involve the provision of medical services and support through conduct of medical missions in the barangays in the CAAs. Health services through training in alternative and herbal medicines will be included. This would also mean the establishment of health facilities together with the distrubtion of culturally sensitive health information campaign materials, oral or written based on the learnings at the field level. These materials will contribute to te the increase in awareness on health service provision, advocacy campaign on hygiene and sanitation.

When fully realized, the health awareness will be increased and the morbidity and mortality rate will be reduced, and work productivity will be increased.
Food Sufficiency Improvement – This sub-strategy will provide access to livelihood thus increases income and it will increase family sustainability and contribute to improve the well-being of the CAAs relative peace. The main activities of the sub-strategy are promotion of Halal foods, livelihoods and enterprises for income augmentation. An additional activity of this sub-strategy is the strong linkage building/networking, collaboration and advocacy campaign so that people will engage in agricultural production for food security particularly the production of healthy and nutritious foods. When properly implemented, this can result to the improvement of the community health situation, reduce illnesses, further increase in work productivity and income.
Programme Strategy 3.  Environmental Advocacy and Development Strategy
Mindanao scores high on environmental risk parameters with particular regard to deforestation and condition of           arable land as well as freshwater resources particularly in the CAAs. The rapid deforestation and denudation of the mountain areas have threatened the faunal and floral components of the Bangsamoro land. It is necessary to immediately begin massive rehabilitation and actions on protecting the natural resources that are accessible to exploitation once peace is achieved in the CAAs. Specifically, the components of this sub-strategy are:
Reforestation – This involves massive replanting of trees and beneficial flora in an agro-forestry management scheme with capacity building and alternative livelihood opportunities for the people in the CAAs. Together with this is a strong advocacy on use of alternative housing materials. It was observed in many CAAs that the primary forest covers are already overexploited and these are replaced slowly by cropland and resettlements. Except for the fear of the conflict areas, the people are not afraid of massive cutting of trees since these are not controlled.
BDA plans to resolve the deforestation by doing a systematic forest rehabilitation and protection scheme. It has a good number of foresters and trained staff to handle the reforestation activities even in the remote areas of the conflict-affected-areas.
To sustain these initiatives, BDA will need to create support mechanism strategy involving community & other stakeholders. When realized, this sub-strategy will eventually improve the quality of life and create alternative source of livelihood without necessarily overstressing the forest ecosystem by massive forest resource exploitation.
Environmental consciousness – Awareness on the problems related to climate change, solid waste management, pollutions of all types, to environmental health are important ingredients in making people act responsibly towards making a better and livable environment for all. BDA would like take part in making this responsibility a reality as the stewards of the finite resources on earth. Thus, they intend to do the following: training on solid wastes management, massive environmental campaign, water and air pollution, and the like. BDA would take actions to increase awareness on environmental conservation and protection. Strong linkage builidng with environmental groups was then considered an imperative to sustain this initiative. BDA believes that it is a noble task for every person in the Bangsamoro land to improve its use of the natural resources so that its people can enjoy life in the future. It will improve its access to technologies enhance the will facilitate an efficient and effective use of the natural resources so that people will have a better quality world to sphere for the future.
Coastal Marine Resources Development– Many of the coastal areas in the Bangsamoro land are rich with resources which has given the communities a good source of food. However, with the influx of business, technology, and people from other parts of the Philippines, the access to these resources has rapidly declined. Thus, BDA would like to access and provide training on coastal marine resources management, environmental protection and conservation. The specific activities would involve environmental campaign, replanting and conservation of flora and fauna, and marine habitat that are indigenous in the CAAs. Specific planning and research will also be conducted in the future particularly on the coastal resources to be able to determine the various resources that has been affected by the conflict and overexploitation of the people in the Bangsamoro land. The activities would mainly focus on the reestablishment of the coastal resources that has been destroyed by the human destructive activities. The intention is to be able to protect the coastal resources for the rehabilitation of breeding grounds of fish and other living creatures in the coastal areas.
Pollution control –it has been observed that water, air and noise pollution are increasing in terms of magnitude. Pollution of water alone in the Southern part of the Bangsamoro land has been increasing because most of the farmers are using synthetic fertilizer as farm input. The influx of technology and industries in the CAAs has clearly shown that air pollution is increasing aside from the increasing number of transportation in the major semi-urban and cities in and around the CAAs. Therefore, BDA will enhance the advocacy on pollution control particularly campaign for better management of the pollution problems. BDA also intends to prepare campaign for better control of the MNC. In addition, the other jobs equip the people in the CACs on pollution control, and access to information and education will be conducted to prevent the occurrence of adverse health effects. BDA has already made initial linkage with the DENR and other groups. Creation of environmental monitoring team and organization of environmentalist groups will a sustainable intervention.
Programme Strategy 4. Capacity Building Strategy
The strengthening of progressive institutions that reflect and promote the identity of the Bangsamoro people and other people in CAAs should foster empowerment. Thus, capacity building activities are necessary to achieve this intention. The BDA would like to do the following;
Good Governance Promotion – This can be attained when better policies will be formulated by the organization and confirmed for implementation by the BOD. Such policies should be reflected in the activities of the organization and the BOD insures that the policies are implemented at all levels. BDA will regularize its institutional strengthening activities such as BOT and staff meetings, decision-making process, systems installation and well-organized resource management so that BDA can also manage their programs and projects. In the process of strengthening, operational systems should be installed. These systems are: Planning, Implementation, Financial management, Information Management, Monitoring and evaluation, and phase-out systems. All these have to involve BDA BOD and Staff so that they would be able to participate well in the organizational operations. All these systems have to be placed in a manual so that they will have a template for every systems that will be installed and empowerment of the BDA is insured.  
Strengthening sustainable mechanism – A major part of the BDA operations is still unstable hence sustainability of the operations is not insured. Therefore, BDA should be able to install a mechanism for sustainability especially the funding sources. While BDA is rather a large organization, the administrative operations could not be sustained. Thus, IGPs and other fund accessing structures have to be established. IGP is considered one source of fund of BDA. Office facilities and HRD are in place. But donor assistance is still undeveloped. The BDA also has to develop programs and projects so that they will continue to grow and develop the mechanisms that will enable them to grow and develop to higher level of maturity as an organization.
Linkage building & Networking – The support systems of the organization is one of the important aspects of its life as an organization. One support system is its linkages and networks which could assist in the technical, technological and programmatic concerns of the organization. This sub-strategy is established in BDA particularly the link with local, national and international organizations and donor communities who are sympathetic to the cause of BDA. The activities in this sub-strategy are focus on listing the different organizations with complete contacts and addresses so that they can use such listing for accessing either technical, technological, materials and funding to support the BDA program operations. Organizational visits, cross-visit to projects, exposure trips to other organizations, training on organizational strengthening, and others are the planned activities that will be done through this sub-strategy. Working together with other organizations could also mean being a part of a network which could facilitate the accessing of other services that can improve the programs, projects and strategies of the organization particularly in handling sustainable development in general.
Establishment of financial management system – BDA over the years has been relying on volunteerism particularly in its work with people in the Bangsamoro land. Through the years, they were able to grow and eventually had to handle finances provided for them to carry on programs and projects. However, the Financial management system have not been fully operational since they have no funds to handle or the funds to manage is limited. Hence BDA feels that the financial management system has to be established. More capacity building training particularly in financial management has been conducted. The staff and officers from the CPMO to RPMO have to practice cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency in its operations. Thus, a systematic financial management as one of the need by the BDA.
Strengthening of management capability – Effectiveness of the management including its culturally sensitive styles and systems are the basic components that are needed in strengthening the management capacity of any organization. BDA’s organization is unique because of its close association with the principals that are part or the entire decision-making process. Although the individual member has its own unique decision-making process it has to still blend with the processes needed in the organizational culture. Thus, a basic understanding of management to improve the capacity is a need of all the members of the organization. Training on management for BDA core staff will be conducted.

The resolution of BDA juridical personality will further contribute to the attainment of the objective of this sub-strategy. This will enhance the management capability since it can identify with the different types of organizations in different parts of the country if not the world. It is the identity of the organization that will make it respond to its vision-mission-goal. Thus, it is the management capacity that would be able to also insure sustainability of the programs in particular and the organization in general.


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