Guiding Development Principles

The Bangsamoro Development Agency could stand firm only when its development principles and framework are in place. Thus, it’s guiding development principles adopted by its stakeholders and partners in development are primarily anchored on the Islamic values and principles:

Concept of Development

BDA viewed development as the successful implementation or realization of the purpose or reason why Allah (s.w.t.) created Man. Allah (s.w.t.) did this for two main reasons. First is for Man to worship Allah (s.w.t.) and second, is for Man to be Allah’s “Khalifa” on this earth.” Behold, thy Lord said to the angels; “I will create a vicegerent on earth.”(Qur’an 2:30). Everything created in this universe has been placed under Man’s responsibility, care and disposal, being the “Khalifa” of Allah (s.w.t.) to facilitate his efforts towards the fulfillment of the two main reasons for his creation. Man has the responsibility and priority to develop as a person as well as the environment. Hence, Development is both an individual and a collective responsibility and a lot of stuff of what makes people go to heaven.  

The BANGSAMORO Development Agency (BDA) gives emphasis to the necessary moral, spiritual and attitudinal changes that must successfully transpire in the personality or character of the Bangsamoro. They must do this change themselves, for if they do not, then nobody else would do it for them and if they do not, then they failed to qualify to become “Khalifa.”

The Holy Qur’an say: “ God does not change the condition of a people until the people change what is in themselves.”

So it is the people’s hearts and minds that must be the initial focus or object of change. Before the people can change the situation or environment therefore they must have to undergo the change in themselves to raise and strengthen their moral and ethical foundation, their drive, zeal and competence. After this internal or core reconfiguration, they become ready for the acquisition of the appropriate knowledge and skills that they must possess in order to be able to fulfill their mission in life. This is the way Allah (s.w.t.) says it should happen and therefore it should not happen the other way around. They build people first before they build structures. This is the way Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) did it with his people. 

In Makkah he concentrated in transforming people into believers and agents of change. Then in Madinah he, together with the believers, implemented projects and strategies to develop or change their condition, situation or environment. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) is the best example of a change agent.  


The Holy Qur’an (28:77) says, “But seek, with the (wealth) which Allah has bestowed on thee, the home of the Hereafter, nor forget thy portion in this world…”

They give importance both to this world and the next.
From a slightly different angle, Man is viewed as a most valuable resource, better than gold, oil or timber. But Man only becomes such if they are rightly guided and equipped with the proper knowledge, attitudes and skills to utilize properly all of nature’s gifts at their disposal. They have the power to improve themselves—to recover from their mistakes, to re-think their directions, to enhance their capabilities. No other resources have such power. It is Man that transforms other resources into useful, profitable forms. Many resource-rich countries may have a lot more natural resources compared to others. These countries are way ahead of the former in progress and development because they have better attitudes, technology and skills. 

Thisdevelopment concept is imbedded in this BDA Strategic Development Plan where the individuals, organizations or institutions and their interrelationships and the different levels or sectors of the population from the grassroots up to the managerial or executive levels can carry on. The Bangsamoro areas, as a matter of fact, will need to come up with a critical mass of individual as well as institutional “change agents” at several levels, categories or sectors in various fields of endeavor before the engine of growth and development can truly start running, provided however that peace is made to reign uninterrupted long enough and hopefully more permanently.  It is within this framework that this Strategic Development Plan was design to make a lift towards a workable and sustainable development in Bangsamoro homeland.



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