Bangsamoro Development Agency

(Year 2008-2010)

Bangsamoro Development Agency: The Organization and its Strategic Direction



Basic Information

The Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) is created by virtue of the GRP-MILF Tripoli Agreement on Peace of June 22, 2001. As agreed by both parties, the MILF through a Central Committee Resolution on June 2, 2002, created the Bangsamoro Development Agency and asked the officers of the Bangsamoro Development Council, a civil society organization to run it. The BDA derives its authority and legitimacy from the GRP-MILF Tripoli Agreement on Peace of June 22, 2001. It is mandated to determine, lead and manage relief, rehabilitation and development programs in the conflict-affected areas in the Mindanao

For the last five years, BDA has grown in terms of structure and programs.  There are thirty six (36) staff members from the Executive Director down to the Provincial Management Information System Specialist.  It also supported by over 1750 development catalyst who are ready to implement programs through its organized local groups. All these volunteers are spread over 3850 CAAs and are willing to work full time if they are given project responsibilities to fulfill.  The common understanding of these groups is to continuously train other people within the CAAs on values transformation and social preparation towards more functional, well-organized local groups.


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